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Hope for Healing

Hope for Healing is a program for individuals seeking restoration, renewal and hope.

There is a growing number of individuals experiencing increased stress, increased caregiver & financial responsibilities for their families, disappointments & brokenness as a result of events such as loss of job, divorce, loss of a loved one & grief issues, cancer or other illnesses, physical &/or emotional abuse, depression, &/or low self esteem.

Restoration, renewal & hope can be found through Hope for Healing utilizing our "equine counselors" & spa treatments to break through the emotional & spiritual barriers to help individuals...

             - Build relationships
             - Build confidence & self esteeem
             - Learn responsibility
             - Experience relaxation
             - Learn stress management & self care skills
             - Become equipped with leadership skills

We also have a few specialty programs:

Brave Hearts: is a progarm for kids & teenagers that assists them in building self confidence & self esteem

Healing Hearts: is designed for those dealing with, or who have survived cancer

Connected Hearts: a program for families to strengthen relationships  & communication between all family members.

                                                    What does a session look like?

Each individual will be paired with a mentor & horse for their session.  Sessions are flexible to allow for the unique needs of each participant but will basically consist of:

First part - Choice of manual project to complete - there is something to be said for the value & sense of accomplishment that comes from perfoming physical tasks & giving back to something bigger than yourself.

Next part - One on one time with the horse - there is a unique bond that develops between horse & humans.  This time promotes that bond & allows for the unique ability of a horse to break down emotional, mental & spiritual barriers.  This time may be spent grooming, leading or doing various in hand groundwork activites with the horse (we are not a riding lesson based program)

Last part - SPA time getting pampered with treatments of your choice.  Personal pampering & relaxation time gives participants a break from the stressors they are experiencing in their life & a time to refresh & renew before returning home. (optional for men, kids & teens)

Here is what some of our participants have had to say about the Hope for Healing Program:

"I had an epiphany, a moment when I realized how working with this humongous animal was going to help me have more confidence and feel stronger with belief in my self in all areas of my life."

"I see why this is so helpful, I totally forgot about everything going on in my life and had to just focus on me, the horse and being totally in the moment."

"I had no idea I could feel so good about myself and what I can do with a horse.  It's really helping me grow in my confidence."

"I can apply everything I'm doing each time to my personal life to help me be stronger, compassionate, and a more positive person."

"Anything is possible"...this is from one of our Brave Heart's participants.  An 11 yo boy who started the program scared of all the horses.  He is now doing advanced training with Ginger...It's been amazing to watch him grow in his confidence!

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