Welcome to Hope for Hearts Horse Farm, Inc
Leaving hoof-prints of hope on every heart we touch!!                                                                   

Our Horses


21 yr old American Saddlebred gelding

Will was our first rescue horse.  He came to us from a farm that had financial misfortune.  Will was malnourished and dehydrated.  Since getting him in July of 2012, he has steadily continued  to put on weight and build muscle mass.

Will is eager to learn and willing to do whatever you ask of him. He has had to learn herd dynamics as where he came from kept the horses isolated and didn't allow them to interact or run together in a pasture.

Here is a more recent picture of Will...when you look at his body compared to the one above when we first rescued him, it's amazing the difference!


21 yr old Morgan gelding

Jake came to us from Trinity Farm.  He had done a lot of work with the pilot program for Hope for Hearts there and developed a special bond with my husband. 

Jake's intuitiveness makes him a perfect fit for Hope for Hearts Horse Farm as he causes participants to deal with whatever they are feeling internally in order to be an effective leader with him.


13 yr old Saddlebred/Quarter Horse gelding

Rizzo came to us from a local family.  He is a lovebug!!  He loves to be groomed and get attention and is the first one to come greet you at the gates. 

He is the most recent addition to the farm and is slowly being introduced into the programs we offer.


31 yr old Hackney/Shetland cross mare

Rosie came to us from Trinity Farm.  She had been given to them four years prior.  She found her place as we utilized her for the Hope for Hearts Farm pilot.

Rosie is very nervous and distrustful due to her deteriorating vision.  She causes you to fully be in the moment when you are with her.  Once she knows you are kind, calm and caring, she is quick to give you her trust and love.


16 yr old Quarter Pony Mare

We found Ginger from a family who no longer had an interest in horses.  We put Ginger on a special diet when she got here and she lost around 100 pounds.  The halter marks she had on her face when we got her have all healed and filled in with hair.

Ginger has a such a sweet personality and loves to please.  Her calm disposition makes her a great pony to start with.




10 yr old Miniature Horse

Leo came to us from a family who's girls participate in our Confident Cowgirls program.  Their family was getting out of horses.  They asked if we would be interested in Leo for our program and within a few minutes of meeting him we knew he would fit right in.

Leo is very curious and has such a sweet disposition.  He just loves to walk everywhere with you and check everything out.  He is currently in training to become a certified therapy horse so we can take him places with us.

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