Hope for Hearts


 Hope for Hearts is our program for individuals seeking restoration, renewal and hope.  

Sessions are one on one with a horse and facilitator. 

This individual program is great for adults & children that may be dealing with stress, brokenness due to loss & grief, divorce, cancer or other illnesses, trauma, abuse, behavioral or emotional control issues, and low self esteem.

Utilizing Equine Assisted Learning Activities with the horses, participants learn to:

  • Develop relationship skills
  • Build confidence & self esteem
  • Develop communication skills
  • Regulation & stabilization of emotions/behaviors
  • Stress management & self care skills
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Become equipped with leadership skills

Below are a few of our specialty programs: 


Specialty Programs

Brave Hearts


Brave Hearts is our program for kids & teens. 

 Horses are great to help youth grow in their confidence, focus, communication and relationship skills as well as learning appropriate ways to control emotions and behaviors.

Healing Hearts


Healing Hearts is our program designed for those dealing with or who have survived cancer or other life threatening illnesses.  

Loss of control, changes in your identity and fear are things our horses can help individuals  work through on the journey through and after their illness.

Connected Hearts


Connected Hearts is our program for families.

Sometimes families experience relationship and communication issues.  Horses can help a family identify how to better work together, grow closer in their relationships  with one another and learn effective communication skills. 

Hearts of Service


Hearts of Services is our program for active, reserve & retired military personnel & first responders & their families.

Horse are powerful & forgiving, social & inquisitive and they are highly attuned to their environment.  They provide a unique self-reflective experience that can provide restoration in countless ways.

Hearts of Purpose


Hearts of Purpose is our program for individuals & families dealing with addiction and those in recovery.

Working with  horses who are forgiving,  accepting and non-judgmental is powerful in learning to overcome guilt, anger and fear.