Mission & Vision

History & Community Impact



Hope for Hearts Horse Farm is located in the northern part of beautiful Brown County.  It was founded in 2012.

The miracles we see taking place beside our horses and ponies are simply incredible, self-doubt disappears in the horse's presence, at Hope for Hearts Horse Farm.

Hope for Hearts horse Farm is a charitable non-profit organization,  EIN 81-3652716


Community Impact

In the Brown and surrounding counties, there are over 500,000 residents who have the opportunity to benefit from equine assisted learning activities at Hope for Hearts Horse Farm.

With a focus on access and inclusion, compassion and caring, education and collaboration with community non-profits and partners, Hope for Hearts Horse Farm provides services to adults and children that empower, inspire, nurture and promote success.

Hope for Hearts Horse Farm is a place where small victories are pivotal achievements!

  • People who are paralyzed with fear overcome challenges.
  • Those lost and without hope discover new purpose in their life.
  • Where the girl with no self-esteem begins to see herself as beautiful, talented, confident and ready to face tomorrow.
  • The child with emotional or behavioral outbursts learns productive ways to react and communicate.

These are just a few of the transformative moments that happen every day for our participants.  This guides us to live our mission so that people have the opportunity to grow, develop and strengthen their lives.