Journey to Leadership


 Journey to Leadership promotes & facilitates successful growth & change within business teams & organizations. 

This program assists teams to learn about themselves, others & group dynamics by participating in specifically designed experiential activities with the horses that correlate with the organization and it's challenges.


With guidance from our certified facilitators, participants reflect on the activities with the horses and draw parallels to their strengths & challenges.


At the end of each exercise & the day, we facilitate discussion of how the information gleaned from the activities with the horses can be integrated back to the workplace to create lasting change within the organization.



Leadership Development

  • Explore individual leadership styles.
  • Experience how to manage to the individual & how motivation plays a role.
  • Discover strengths & challenges as both leaders & team members.
  • Expand awareness of personal characteristics that affect leadership effectiveness.

Team Development

  • Better understanding of team strengths & how to leverage them for improved team performance.
  • Identify team challenges & how to become more collaborative when problem solving.
  • Discover how effective communication can improve team performance & the bottom line.
  • Increase trust among team members through a shared learning experience.


What a few of our participants have had to say about the Journey to Leadership Program:

  • "I've never been to a workshop like this where we've been able to learn about one another in a safe environment and develop a plan to improve the work environment."
  • "This program is a great team building experience.  A creative way to allow for deeper personal & team perspectives."
  • "Connecting the horse activities to real life experiences and debriefing them was eye-opening."
  • "This is an awesome program & opportunity to think outside the box and to get connected to your team members."
  • "This program set us up for continued growth & connection to work collaboratively as a team."